Ukrainian ex-champion Dzinziruk – about the beginning of a big war and boxing defense: photo


Former WBO world welterweight champion (up to 69.9 kg) Sergey “Razor” Dzinziruk (37-2-1, 24 KOs), who, with the start of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, went, like a huge number of men and women, in the Territorial Defense Forces, told how his life was “turned upside down”. Just like tens of millions of compatriots.

A native of the northeast of the still occupied Crimea also told
Kamp Sporthow with the start of a big war, what many in Ukraine went through back in 2014 went through – I tried in vain to talk with those on the peninsula who supported Russia’s aggression, and to explain something to them in vain.


In the first week, when there were shellings, when [россияне] battles were advancing and going on, and the children and wife were still around, then I was more worried.

Five days later we went to our friends in Kolomyia. I took my wife and children to a safe place, and I returned to Brovary. When they left, it became easier, because now they had to decide only for themselves.

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February 24th and beyond

After February 24, life returned 180 degrees. I never thought that I would walk around with a machine gun, I would be on duty, I would catch someone.


In the first five days there was chaos, people did not know what to do and where to run. We went to the military registration and enlistment office to register, but there we were told that “it is not necessary yet.”

Boxing fraternity

As for the athletes, I can say that our Brovary boxers united, everyone got in touch, and together we went to the defense. At first, they helped in any way they could: they brought something, took it away, and then they got weapons and began to perform more serious tasks.


The boxing position in Brovary was very clear. We have the president of the federation, Sergei Valeryevich Ilyukhin, who brought us together with the guys: we all knew what to do and where to run. The fact is that we all know each other, we are friends, and I know that each of those who are nearby will not let you down. But if someone wanted to join us, then we tried not to take strangers.

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About zombies

Called friends in the Crimea. There is no mood to call again, because why tell something when people believe TV and propaganda. I tell them that their mother is sitting in the basement in Bila Tserkva and hiding from explosions, and they say that this cannot be, because “they only shoot at military targets.”

We talked several times and I concluded that I should not prove anything to anyone. I see how the propaganda about the “war against the Nazis” and “Bandera” is working there, and that “nobody touches civilians”.

On June 22, the legendary heavyweight Lewis wrote about Vitali Klitschko: “He is fighting the biggest battle in his life.” And the current top British heavyweight Joshua supported the people of Ukraine against the background of the war with the Russian occupiers.

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