UFC veteran arrested for killing girlfriend

UFC veteran arrested for killing girlfriend

A day after the mma community stirred up a video of a scandalous fight between Dana White and his wife, the tragic news came from Mexico that former UFC fighter Phil Baroni was arrested for the murder of his girlfriend.

According to a Mexican police report, an American threw his partner into the shower, where she hit her head and died some time later. Baroni claims that the girlfriend, who is a Mexican citizen, provoked him by confessing to infidelity.

According to the fighter, after the fall, his girlfriend was alive, and he helped her go to bed. After that, he went to the store, as she asked him to bring cigarettes and beer, and when he returned, his girlfriend showed no signs of life. Baroni is currently charged with murder and is being held in custody.

In addition to the UFC, where Phil Baroni spent ten fights, the American played in such organizations as Pride, Dream, Elite XC, Strikeforce, ONE and Bellator, and ended his professional career in 2019, having suffered an early defeat at the Rebel FC regional tournament in China.

Source: https://fighttime.ru/news/item/30425-veteran-ufc-arestovan-za-ubijstvo-podrugi.html?rand=19907