UFC vet Anthony Rocco Martin faces assault charge after allegedly threatening Florida cops


Former UFC welterweight Anthony Rocco Martin is facing a misdemeanor assault accusation after allegedly threatening officers responding to a Bonita Springs house, Fla. on a dropped 911 phone call.

Martin 33,, was taken into custody Dec. 21, 2022 in Lee County (Fla.), by Sheriffs Deputies. He allegedly shouted foul language at officers and tried to get along with them after “stern eye contact” signalling his intent.

Martin was not immediately reachable for comment; a number attributed to him did not receive a response, and attempts to reach him through former teammates were unsuccessful.

Officers who responded to the house found a female crying in a black Ford Expedition, according to a police narrative attached to Martin’s arrest report. According to a police narrative attached to Martin’s arrest report, officers responding to the house found a female crying in a black Ford Expedition.

Fearing for officers’ safety, one deputy handcuffed Martin after the menacing gestures made to another deputy and an alleged challenge, “you think you’re a bad man, if you take me out of these cuffs l will kick your ass.” According to the narrative, it was “discovered later” that Martin was an active MMA fighter. Martin was taken to prison as a “combative Subject”, but was not charged further.

Martin posted a $5,000 bond and was released from jail on Dec. 22. He was given a no-contact order and on Jan. 9 pleaded not guilty to the charge, which carries a penalty from 60 days to six months in addition to fines.

After postponement of his first hearing, Martin is scheduled to appear at Lee County (Fla.), court on February 22.

A 15-fight UFC vet, Martin exited the UFC after a decision loss to Neil Magny with an overall 9-6 record in the octagon. Martin made a short comeback in May, this time as a middleweight and won a submission on the regional circuit. After being arrested for allegedly going to Caesar’s Palace, and punching an officer trying to stop him from doing so in 2021,, he was charged with battery and lewd behavior in a public area in 2021.

Damon Martin contributed to this report.

Source: https://www.mmafighting.com/2023/1/11/23549500/ufc-vet-anthony-rocco-martin-faces-assault-charge-after-allegedly-threatening-florida-cops?rand=96749