UFC Vegas Video: Drew Dober makes a stunning comeback to beat Terrance McKinney in the second round of their wild UFC Vegas


Drew Dober won’t give up without a fight.

Dober survived being dropped by Terrance McKinney in an intense exchange at UFC Vegas 50,. He was also ready to trade strikes until McKinney delivered the TKO.

It was a wild fight for as long as it lasted, with Dober getting the win at 3:17 of the opening round.

” “The man hits hard,” Dober stated afterward. “It was one of the toughest first rounds of my career. I don’t quit. Nebraska is where I am. That’s how we train. It was his heat that I brought back .”


McKinney is a fast starter and McKinney proved it as he leapt out of the gate to try to overtake Dober in their first exchange. McKinney ran ahead of Dober and launched a massive knee strike at him that sent the veteran lightweight to the ground.

McKinney unleashed a series of strikes as he tried to end the fight before the clock had even ticked.

McKinney and Dober connected at times, which made it appear Dober was done. However, Dober refused to leave. Dober kept throwing combinations while trying to shift the momentum of the fight.

Dober landed a kick right in the middle of McKinney’s face that knocked him to the ground. Dober had no intentions of allowing the fight to get back up to the feet, and instead unloaded with everything left in his arsenal until the referee saw enough to stop the contest before McKinney could absorb any more punishment.

It was non-stop action for as long as it lasted, as Dober returned to the win column after suffering back-to-back losses. Dober is now looking for a new opponent to fight him in the next bout at the octagon.

“I love crowd favorite fights,” Dober said. “I love having fantastic fights. There’s a guy out there, Bobby Green, I’m interested. I’m available.”