UFC Vegas 60 Video: Marc-Andre Barriault is put to bed by Anthony Hernandez with a nasty head and arm choke


Anthony Hernandez continues to show his grappling dominance, after putting Marc André Barriault to bed in the first fight at UFC Vegas 60..

Prior to the end, Hernandez looked good on his feet, but when he began putting Barriault down on the floor, momentum completely changed. After spiking Barriault on his head during a takedown, Hernandez advanced to the head and arm choke, which eventually put his opponent to sleep.

The end came at 1:53 in the third round as Hernandez wins his third fight in a row overall.

“It’s a fight, you know how it goes,” Hernandez said afterwards. “I’ll willing to die in this b****. It is my goal to complete. I will continue doing ****** what I have been doing.

“I don’t really follow UFC, I just show up and fight. I believe I am the greatest fighter in the world and I want to show it by fighting .”


The middleweights raced out of the gates with Hernandez and Barriault trying to establish the pace, while also displaying a lot aggression. While Barriault was throwing with power in every strike, Hernandez was precise as he set up a slick lead jab and then firing a hard punch behind it.

Hernandez eventually turned to his grappling game but Barriault did a good job avoiding too much damage as he worked to get back to his feet. Those scrambles back to standing led to some of the best exchanges as the fighters started hammering away at each other from the clinch against the cage.

As the second round got underway, Hernandez was quick to secure a takedown as he began punishing Barriault with punches and more importantly, refusing to give the Canadian a second to catch his breath.

Barriault fought on, and Hernandez was unafraid to continue his assault while trying to get the win. Barraiult hit Hernandez with two stiff punches just seconds before the end of round.

Hernandez continued to wrestle for five more minutes, but this time Barriault was thrown directly onto Hernandez’s head. The fighters crashed to the ground. Hernandez continued to punish Barriault before finally latching onto the head and arm choke.

A few seconds expired before Barriault went to sleep from the submission as the fight came to a close.

Hernandez continues to improve with every performance and the win keeps it rolling.