UFC Vegas 52 video: Claudio Puelles adds another kneebar to his resume with slick submission finish against Clay Guida


Claudio Puelles doesn’t practice the kneebar in the gym everyday but he definitely knows how to pull it off whenever he fights.

In UFC Vegas 52, Puelles included a third submission with a kneebar in his resume. He had already defeated Clay Guida using his trademark finish. Puelles locked up the finish at just 3:01 in the first round as he picks up his fifth win in a row overall.

“This was a great statement,” Puelles smiled. “Listen, I work hard everyday. I changed my life complete. I had a dream to come here, but not to fight two or three but to meet the best. I don’t practice this at the gym. I just know how to do it.”

It was the non-stop movement from Guida that led him to a takedown in the very first exchange in the fight but that game plan backfired almost immediately as Puelles started to threaten with submission from the bottom

Puelles transitioned from armbar to triangle choke and then he looked for an omoplata as Guida had to continue scrambling in an attempt to break free. Puelles seized the opportunity for the kneebar as soon Guida released his shoulder lock submission.

With his knee hyperextended and Puelles continuing pull backwards, Guida had no choice but to tap out or risk serious damage from the submission.

It was another impressive performance from Puelles as he racked up a third kneebar submission in his past five outings in the UFC. Puelles did not have a specific opponent after the fight, but he would love to continue his winning streak with a high-ranked 15 fighter.

” I know that I’m [ready for a ranked opponent],” Puelles stated. “I do not know what’s next, but I know that I’m ready .”