UFC Vegas 51 Results: Mounir Laszez gives a striking demonstration to win against Ange Loosa


Mounir Laszez was a steady fighter after he won a unanimous victory over Ange Loosa. This win ushered in the UFC Vegas 51 main event.

Over three rounds, Lazzez was accurate and active with his striking combinations, constantly beating Loosa to the punch while never allowing the first-time UFC fighter to get comfortable in the cage. When the fight ended, it was clear that Lazzez had done more than enough to win, with all three judges giving him 30-27 scores across the board.

” “It was an awful camp,” Lazzez stated afterwards. “Three opponents changed. The fans get what they want. We bang and stand in the middle. I want to stand in the middle and knock people out or get knocked out. This is ***.”

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The welterweights exchanged shots right from the beginning of the fight. Lazzez worked from the outside and established a firm jab. He also threw some strong kicks. Loosa tried to measure the distance and was able to unleash his strikes, without being impeded by Lazzez.

While Loosa defended fairly well, he didn’t do much with his offense to back off Lazzez from continuing a varied attack on the feet. Lazzez maintained control of the centre cage, keeping Loosa on the back foot. This prevented Loosa from absorbing his punches as he entered into exchanges.

By the time the third round was underway, Lazzez was surging with confidence as he threw a barrage of punches and kicks while mixing in a few well-timed knee strikes up the middle as well, taking advantage of his shorter opponent.

Loosa did start reacting to his coaches shouting for him to throw more right hands, which was his best punch all night and the one shot that Lazzez struggled to defend.

Just as Loosa was starting to heat up, Lazzez unleashed the best combo of all the fights. He charged forward and ripped off a few punches. Although Loosa was initially rattled by a few of his shots, he managed to keep the fight going until the end.

Following more than a year out of action, Lazzez looked great in his return as he improved his UFC record to 2-1 overall, with hopes that he’ll be able to stay more active for the remainder of 2022.