UFC Vegas 50 video: Khalil Rountree demolishes Karl Roberson with vicious barrage of strikes


Khalilrountree Jr. chose violence to end Karl Roberson’s UFC Vegas 50. performance.

Following a back-and-forth battle to start the bout, Rountree came out guns blazing in the second round and overwhelmed Roberson with a massive hook followed by a devastating kick to the body. Roberson was still wobbling, so Rountree landed another big punch to end the bout.

Following the win, Rountree spoke from the heart while explaining his reason for fighting.

“I don’t want to wait until I’m a champion to be able to tell my story and where I come from, being a 300-pound kid on the brink of suicide, burdened by depression, not knowing what to do with my life, not knowing where to go,” Rountree said. Rountree said, “I would like to be able share my story and inspire others who feel the same way.” These people are my dream audience.

” I want to make an impact in the world. This is something that I am passionate about .”

It appeared as though a knockout might be possible at any moment, with Roberson and Rountree dumping on one another in the initial exchanges of the opening round. When the frantic pace finally slowed down a bit, Rountree was the aggressor, as he looked to back Roberson up against the cage to set up his combinations.

Roberson seemed at ease fighting his back while waiting for Rountree’s attack.

He appeared to be ready for the same thing in round two, but Rountree was not going to let him go.

Rountree came charging out of his corner throwing bombs with his right hand and putting Roberson down on the canvas momentarily. The onslaught from Rountree continued with the huge body kick and then another devastating shot that saw Roberson drop face-first to the ground.

Rountree was able to finish the fight with a second straight win and his sixth victory overall in UFC.