UFC Seoul Tournament Under Threat of Cancellation Due to ‘Korean Zombie’ Injury

UFC Seoul Tournament Under Threat of Cancellation Due to 'Korean Zombie' Injury

The UFC Fight Night series, which was supposed to take place on February 4 in Seoul, is likely to be canceled due to the injury of its potential headliner.

The South Korean event was supposed to be headlined by UFC fan favorite Chen Sung Jong, but the Korean Zombie announced that he would not be able to take part in the tournament.

“I dislocated my shoulder and can’t fight in February,” the former UFC featherweight title contender wrote on social media. “As someone who has always said that injury avoidance is a skill, I feel like I’m still missing a lot.”

“I saw how much the UFC wanted to have my fight in Seoul, but on December 7th, I got injured in wrestling training. If you curse me because of this, know that the situation is also very difficult for me. And if the Korean tournament is canceled due to my injury, I feel very sorry for the Korean fighters who lost the opportunity to perform in front of family and friends.”

The day before, UFC representatives released the official tournament schedule for the first quarter of next year, and among them was the February event in Seoul, which confirms the Korean Zombie’s fears about the cancellation of the show.

Recall that in April, the South Korean fighter made an unsuccessful attempt to take away the championship belt from Alexander Volkanovski, losing to the Australian by technical knockout in the fourth round.

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