UFC Results: Yair Rod submits Josh Emmett to the UFC for an interim featherweight title


Yair Rod got his first taste gold when he won the interim featherweight title at the UFC 284 main.

Josh Emmett was relentless in his attacks, but Rodriguez persevered and secured a submission by triangle choke on the ground. As soon as Rodriguez tightened the hold, Emmett had no choice but to tap out with the end coming at 4:19 in the second round.

“I had been practicing this submission after the victory,” Rodriguez stated. Rodriguez said, “It was one of my fights long ago. I just remembered that today because he was there. I can say nothing but all respect to Josh Emmett. It was possible to adapt and win the situation. I am very grateful for .”

After Rodriguez came out wanting to harm Emmett on the outside, he started the fight with kicks. He also threw a number of shots. Rodriguez landed a series of front kicks right in the middle, and then hit Emmett hard with a vicious body kick. This made every Team Alpha Male fighter ache.

After closing the distance, Emmett tried to regain his momentum and unleashed huge looping punches to Rodriguez that caused him to be tagged on the feet. Rodriguez backed Emmett, and Emmett hit Rodriguez again with another combo before the fight reached the ground.

Emmett continued to punch Rodriguez hard with a few well-timed elbows, while Rodriguez fired back at him from the bottom.

Emmett fired again in round two and appeared to shake Rodriguez. However, the Ultimate Fighter Latin America winner returned in quick succession with another set of kicks which landed very hard on the body. Rodriguez kept pounding away at Emmett, including an elbow from the inside that left Emmett in a daze. However Emmett was still dangerous and was able to throw haymakers to defend his self.

The fight eventually ended up back on the ground with Emmett trying to maintain his position on top while throwing punches from inside the guard. Rodriguez did a brilliant job avoiding the shots and then quickly throwing up the triangle choke that got locked on quick and Emmett had no choice but to tap out.

Rodriguez has been regarded as one of the best and most dynamic UFC fighters for a long time. Now he has the title. Rodriguez is now awaiting Alexander Volkanovski’s return as he tries to be undisputed champion.

Source: https://www.mmafighting.com/2023/2/12/23596240/ufc-284-results-yair-rodriguez-submits-josh-emmett-triangle-choke-claim-interim-featherweight-title?rand=96749