UFC President’s League in danger after scandalous brawl

UFC President's League in danger after scandalous brawl

Two days after the publication of a controversial video of a fight between Dana White and his wife, TBS removed the debut event of the Power Slap league, created and promoted by the UFC president, from the broadcast network.

“The Power Slap League has been removed from the broadcast grid ahead of its expected launch scheduled for January 11,” sportswriter Damon Martin wrote on the social media site. “The Power Slap page has also been removed from the TBS website. Warner Media, which owns the channel, has not responded to multiple requests for comment on the matter.”

On Tuesday, TMZ posted a mobile phone camera video showing the wife of the UFC president slapping him and he hitting her back several times before they were separated.

Following the release of the video, Dana White and Anna White made public statements saying that excessive drinking was the cause of the conflict and that they apologized to each other.

However, a day later, the shares of the Endeavor investor group, which owns the strongest league in the world, fell by 6%, which, with the total value of the company, amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars of loss.

Source: https://fighttime.ru/news/item/30437-liga-prezidenta-ufc-v-opasnosti-posle-skandalnoj-draki.html?rand=19907