UFC president names Donald Trump’s favorite fighters

UFC president names Donald Trump's favorite fighters

The head of the UFC, Dana White, who watched the fights of the UFC 287 tournament in the company of Donald Trump, named the favorite fighters of the former US president.

“You know that Donald Trump is a close friend of mine and he calls me twice a month to talk about fights,” the head of the organization said at a press conference after the event. “Like I said, he is a big fan of mixed martial arts. He knows all the fighters, who fights with whom, who has what fights, what happens in the divisions – we discuss all this with him for an hour. Who is his favorite fighter? Guess. No, not Conor McGregor. It’s Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal.”

Recall that at UFC 287 in Miami, Jorge Masvidal fought his last fight, losing by unanimous decision to Gilbert Burns and announcing his retirement, and Colby Covington should challenge the reigning UFC welterweight champion, Leon Edwards this summer.

A title fight between Edwards and Covington on July 22 is rumored to headline UFC 291 in London.