UFC London video: Molly McCann flattens Luana Caroline with spectacular spinning back elbow kick KO


Molly McCann just put her name into contention for “Knockout of the Year” following her stunning finish at UFC London.

McCann did not slow down during the entire fight, from the beginning to the finish. She also unloaded an incredible spinning back elbow from the clinch and crushed Luana Caroline. The Brazilian crashed to the canvas as McCann rushed to celebrate her victory in front of her home audience in England.

” We drill it every day,” McCann stated about her knockout. I’m prepared to go. “I’m prepared to punch all night. Thank you very much [Luana Carolina] for pushing me. I am so happy .”

McCann was backed by the O 2 arena and came out looking to stop Carolina in the first round. She tagged Carolina with an attack that shocked the Brazilian. McCann started unleashing a barrage of punches in succession that continued to blast Carolina in the head and body.

While Carolina clearly was hurt, she managed to keep McCann at bay and slow down McCann’s pace to force McCann into a routine to stop McCann from losing steam after her chaotic start. McCann tried desperately to stop Carolina from running, but McCann kept her in front and punished Carolina by using combinations.

The assault continued into the second round as McCann kept her foot on the gas and put Carolina down with a well-timed takedown. Carolina was able to avoid taking many hits on the ground, and she tagged McCann using knees and sharp elbows after the fighters got back up.

McCann started Round 3 again, swinging heavy and hard combinations to close the gap on Carolina’s taller opponent. That’s when McCann unleashed the spinning attack that blindsided Carolina and separated her from consciousness immediately.

McCann has enjoyed plenty of wins during her career, but none sweeter than this one, as she almost assuredly secured a post-fight bonus and her second consecutive win in a row.