UFC fighter Muhammad Mokayev criticized the head of Dagestan

UFC’s No. 10 lightweight Muhammad Mokayev has harshly criticized the head of Dagestan, Sergei Melikov, who at a meeting of the republic’s government called the rioters who vandalized the airport in Makhachkala and several hotels “animal-like cowards”.

“There are no cowards in Dagestan! We have courage in wagons!” the British fighter wrote on social media, commenting on Melikov’s statement. “My Dagestan! And shame on me for those Dagestanis, in front of whom Melikov called Dagestanis cowards and unmasculine. Here I remembered the phrase – my Dagestan, what traitors have done to you!”

It is likely that Muhammad Mokayev, who not so long ago publicly asked not to be associated with Russia, will take the opportunity to show courage and personally express his grievances to the leader of Dagestan the next time he comes to the republic for training camp.

In addition, in the near future we should probably expect a public statement by Mokayev condemning the British leadership, which officially supports Israel’s aggression against Palestine and the Gaza Strip.

Undefeated 23-year-old Muhammad Mokaev picked up his fifth win in the UFC this October, finishing Tim Elliott with an arm-triangle choke in the third round.