UFC fighter Marlon Vera called Russia a third world country

UFC fighter Marlon Vera called Russia a third world country

A native of Ecuador, Marlon Vera, has joined the list of fighters who believe that the US Anti-Doping Agency does not thoroughly check Russian representatives for banned substances.

Moreover, the UFC bantamweight number four is convinced that Russia is a third world country.

“I heard that there is a drug that you can take, and in the morning it is already evaporated from your body,” Vera said in an interview with Michael Bisping and Anthony Smith. “For example, you can go on vacation and cheat in peace. The US Anti-Doping Agency is effective, but does USADA test people in the fucking third world countries? Do they test people in fucking Russia? I’m not sure. I live in California and they come to my house all the time. I’d rather die than cheat. But it’s just me, right?”

Earlier, UFC fighters Bobby Green and Sean O’Malley made accusations against the Russians, who said that doping was on stream in Russia.

Marlon Vera will fight Cory Sandhagen on February 18 at UFC Fight Night 219 in Las Vegas.

Source: https://fighttime.ru/news/item/30387-boets-ufc-marlon-vera-nazval-rossiyu-stranoj-tretego-mira.html?rand=19907