UFC fighter Javid Basharat is sad that he cannot walk out wearing the Afghanistan flag but is proud to stand for his country.


Javid Basharat would love nothing more than to walk to the octagon for his UFC debut this weekend with the flag of Afghanistan wrapped around his shoulders.

Sadly, that won’t be allowed.

According to Basharat, the bantamweight prospect was denied a similar request when Basharat tried to get his UFC contract via the UFC’s Contenders Series ,. He’s not permitted to fly the flag of his country as he prepares for Trevin Jones’ UFC Vegas 50 preliminary cards.

“Unfortunately, I’m not [allowed],” Basharat told MMA Fighting. “I asked them, they said no. This is very irritating. It’s sad, but it is what it is. Although I do not know enough about politics or legal documentation to understand why they refuse to allow the Afghanistan flag, I know that I can’t help but feel sad.

” What bothers me most is that it’s not on my shirt and in my fight gear. They will only be available in a limited number. It’s rare to find Afghan fighters. Right now, there’s just Nasrat [Haqparast] in the UFC. I wanted to have a kit with the Afghan flag on it and my name on it, you know?”

Basharat understands how important representation is, particularly considering the volatility in Afghanistan over more than 40years.

He would be delighted to have the opportunity to show his countrymen that they can root for him on an international stage such as the UFC while possibly inspiring them to see the bright side of despair.

“I want these people to feel like they’re still important,” Basharat said. “You have to be proud of your country. That’s where your blood is from, and you have greatness within you. Unfortunately, the Afghan children don’t have anyone to look up too. There’s a few people doing well, like the cricket team, but they don’t have that much to look up. I just want to be another person they can look up to. This goes for all children, but also the entire nation.

“These little things, they matter. Unfortunately, we live in a time where the sport’s athletes are the best representation of the country, because politically, everybody’s a mess. That’s what I want. I want to represent that.”

Basharat isn’t sure why his request to leave with the Afghanistan flag was denied. However, he has no animus toward the UFC. It’s the company’s decision to make.

Brian Kelleher received a confounding decision from the UFC. He was told that he could not leave with a peace banner after initially wanting to carry the flag of Ukraine to his fight at UFC 272.

” “It’s bizarre but I also don’t believe it’s UFC’s fault,” Basharat stated. I believe there are commissions, and God only knows what else goes on behind closed doors. It’s not my fault but it isn’t the UFC’s fault. I do have an inkling. That stuff is usually pretty cool.

“They are better at marketing to have your country represented, but it is important to understand that there’s more behind the scenes. Although it’s frustrating and annoying it’s what it is. It’s my job to be the [for Afghanistan].”

walking flag.

Basharat wants to be a champion in the UFC, and continue his excellent 11-0 record. He still possesses a 100-percent finishing rate.

Basharat enjoyed having Jones as his opponent, since it was exactly the kind of fight that he couldn’t land on the European regional circuit back when he first started making waves in this sport.

” If you take a look at my records, there aren’t as many fights against top competitors like Trevin,” Basharat stated. “That literally comes down to not being able to get fights in Europe. These Americans don’t understand how easy it is to get fights here. In Europe, it’s a nightmare, especially during COVID. My record has some guys who don’t have a lot of experience but are decent fighters.

“Trevin was a tremendous fighter. I keep saying this, the way he fought his last fight, that’s not Trevin. I know what weight cuts do to you, and during all those weight cuts, he had do like three in a month. I give Trevin his props. I’m not deluded and thinking Trevin’s not a good fighter. He is a good fighter. But it’s a good time for me to show how good I really am.”