UFC fighter: “I didn’t expect that everything would be so easy for Khabib”


Sodik Yussuf commented on the victory of the Russian fighter over Justin Geydzhi

American UFC fighter of Nigerian origin Sodik Yussuf reacted to the decision of Khabib Nurmagomedov to end his career after defeating Justin Gaethje.

“I didn’t expect that everything would be so easy for Khabib and, of course, I can’t imagine that he will end his career on the same evening. It was very powerful, especially his speech. I’m sure this will go down in the history of sports.

What will happen to the belt now? It’s not serious to make Conor’s fight with Dustin Poirier a title fight. McGregor doesn’t deserve this right now.

It seems to me that Gaethje and Poirier should fight for the vacant belt right now. These are the two strongest fighters in the lightweight division at the moment after the departure of Khabib, ”said Yussuf.