UFC fighter had his first fight at the age of eight

UFC fighter had his first fight at the age of eight

Becoming the youngest UFC debutant in history at eighteen, the organization’s bantamweight division fighter Raul Rosas Junior revealed that he had his first mixed martial arts fight at the age of eight.

“My brother and I did taekwondo, and then we came to the MMA gym and started practicing there,” the American said in the next edition of the MMA Hour program. “I soon decided that I wanted to get into the cage. I saw kids going out into the cage and fighting other kids, and I went out to my first fight when I was eight years old.”

“It was a competition for participants under the age of eighteen, with a lower limit of eight or nine years. The only limitation was that there were no blows to the head. We only had four ounce gloves and nothing else. As a child, I won twenty-one victories and suffered two defeats.

The young fighter chalked up his first win under the UFC banner last weekend with a first-round takedown of Jay Perrin, but now he’s confident he can take on reigning division champion Aljamain Sterling.

“If they offer me a title fight right now, I can not only go out and win, but I will finish off the one who holds the championship belt, and at the moment it is Aljamain Sterling. It probably won’t be a title fight next, but I’m ready to take on any of the top 15 and finish it with a big statement.”

Source: https://fighttime.ru/news/item/30254-boets-ufc-provel-pervyj-boj-v-vosem-let.html?rand=19907