UFC champion Strickland calls Russians the worst shooters

Reigning UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland, who challenged Valentina Shevchenko to a shooting contest, believes “Bullet” is a known loser because the former UFC lightweight titleholder is not only a woman, but also a Russian.

“I don’t know who shoots worse, women, or Russians. I’m lucky that you’re both. Yes, I know you’re Russian…,” the American wrote on the social network, but this message was soon deleted.

“My post just got deleted,” the UFC champion explained. “But it was about the Russians – what did you expect? Lol.”

“The championship for the best shooter in MMA! Shawn, just don’t cry when you lose. I’ll be ready as soon as my hand heals. Dana White, we need a belt for the champion!”,” Shevchenko responded.

Recall that with the help of shooting competitions, UFC fighters decided to settle the conflict, the cause of which were insulting statements of the American about women’s fights.