UFC champion Alex Pereira responds to critics

Reigning UFC middleweight champion Alex Pereira, whose next fight will be an immediate rematch with Israel Adesanya, has responded to all those who see him as a one-sided fighter who will lose to the first decent grappler.

“People who talk about it are those who have never fought or trained with me,” the Brazilian said in an interview with ESPN. “All the guys that come into our gym after sparring with me say, ‘Dude, we didn’t know you were that good at grappling.'”

“People say that I don’t know how to fight, but almost no one was able to translate Izii, and I did it. I’m just not trying to prove anything to anyone. I’m doing my own thing, but in the future I may show something interesting, so be careful and don’t miss it”

Recall that the title fight between Alex Pereira and Israel Adesanya will be the main event of the UFC 287 tournament, which will be held on April 8 in Miami.

Source: https://fighttime.ru/news/item/30729-chempion-ufc-aleks-perejra-otvetil-kritikam.html?rand=19907