UFC 290 lost one fight

UFC 290 lost one fight

Despite the fact that both fighters successfully passed the official weigh-in procedure for the UFC 290 tournament, representatives of the strongest league in the world announced the cancellation of the welterweight fight between Jack Della Maddalena and Josiah Harrell, who accepted the fight with the Australian on short notice.

According to the manager of the American, a brain scan “saved the life” of his client, revealing the presence of a dangerous anomaly that can cause blood clots. Harrell will be operated on soon.

Recall that Josiah Harrell agreed on a week’s notice to replace Sean Brady, who was eliminated from the duel with Della Maddelena.

Thus, thirteen fights remain on the UFC 290 tournament card, including title fights in the featherweight and flyweight divisions, as well as a candidate fight in the middleweight category.