UFC 285 results: Alexa Grasso pulls off shocking submission to finish Valentina Shevchenko to win flyweight title


AlexaGrasso stunned the world with her stunning defeat of Valentina Shevchenko at UFC 285 to be the new flyweight champion.

A strong start by Grasso was followed by Shevchenko’s storming return with a string of takedowns which saw her climb up the scorecards. Shevchenko appeared to be taking control, but she threw an ill-advised spinning kick back kick which Grasso immediately countered with a takedown.

From there, Grasso locked on the rear naked choke and after a few moments of trying to break free, Shevchenko tapped out with the end coming at 4:34 in the fourth round.

” Please pinch me, I feel like I am dreaming,” Grasso stated afterwards. “It was training, I’m training every single day for that thing because I know she does those spinning things. I trained that because I know she hits hard, she’s a great athlete.”

It was an amazing display by Grasso who was the largest underdog on the whole card but still managed to win.

Grasso showed no fear when she stood in front of Shevchenko at the beginning of the fight. She set up her combinations, including a left-hand that stung Shevchenko. As methodical as ever, Shevchenko was looking to set up her kicks while throwing a variety of looks at Grasso to keep her guessing in the exchanges.

Instead of trading on her feet, Shevchenko decided to focus on her wrestling. She placed Grasso onto the canvas and worked to improve her position. Grasso struggled to free herself from Shevchenko, who advanced to side control and tried to grab the crucifix.

Just when it looked like Grasso was stuck, she managed to explode out and circle away from Shevchenko to get back to her feet. Grasso looked to open up her striking but that led to another takedown from Shevchenko as she maintained control until the second round ended.

Whenever the fight was on the feet, Grasso continued to find a home for her straight left hand but Shevchenko was answering back with punches of her own while also mixing in head kicks that kept backing off her opponent. Whenever Grasso tried to take a step back to rest on her punches she was met with Shevchenko’s wrestling and brought the fight to a halt.

Referee Jason Herzog took the bizarre decision to keep the fighters standing near the end the third round. However, Shevchenko quickly scored another takedown that led to Shevchenko landing a back-naked choke just before the horn went off.

As time ticked away in the fourth round, Shevchenko had started to establish a well-timed jab that was popping Grasso in the face and it appeared “The Bullet” was on her way to an eighth straight title defense. That’s when she uncorked a spinning back kick to the body, which Grasso countered with a lightning quick takedown as she grabbed onto Shevchenko’s back.

Seemingly in a split second, Grasso had the rear-naked choke locked on and even with the arm not totally locked under the chin, Shevchenko had no choice but to tap out.

It’s the first time Shevchenko has ever been finished in the UFC and the first time she’s ever been submitted. Afterwards, Shevchenko wasted no time calling for an immediate rematch.

” This is a lot like mixed martial arts,” Shevchenko stated. This is part of the game. Congratulations to Alexa. If not for this spinning kick it would be a different result. It is exactly what happens. “Definitely, [I want] immediate revenge because I know I was winning the fight.”

Considering Shevchenko’s long reign atop the division, it would be awfully hard to deny her that opportunity but for now Grasso will stand tall as the new UFC flyweight champion.