UFC 273 Results: Aljamain sterling wins split decision over Petr Yan in order to win undisputed bantamweight championship


Aljamain sterling finally won the fight with Petr Yan. He won a split-decision victory and claimed the undisputed title of bantamweight in the UFC 273 comain event.

After their fight, which ended in disqualification due to an illegal knee, Sterling wrapped up the controversy and showed off a devastating grappling style that helped him defeat Yan’s striking skills. Although Yan had moments, Sterling’s ground control and submissions were what won the fight. He received two 48-47 scorecards in his favor.

“I’m not surprised that I was brought in so doubtful,” Sterling stated. Petr Yan was a formidable opponent. He brought out the best in me. This is what the fight game’s out about. Keep doubting me motherf******.”

Unlike the first fight, Sterling was more reserved during the second round. He targeted Yan with kicks and circled around the cage trying to avoid his opponent’s immense power. Yan displayed patience with his offense, while Sterling was under constant pressure while choosing and picking his shots.

While Yan is typically a slower starter, he was headhunting as he came after Sterling very aggressively with his punches and forcing the New York native to fight at a fast pace.

Sterling was smart while staying away from anything connecting flush as he bided his time to set up his own combinations. As the second round got underway, Sterling seized on an opening to drag Yan to the ground where he immediately jumped on the back to start looking for a rear naked choke.

After locking on the body triangle, Sterling was methodical with his grappling as he just suffocated Yan on the ground, setting up submissions and then just hammering him with punches. Yan was able to survive, but Sterling had Sterling in great trouble after several minutes of putting the Russian on the floor.

Sterling kept launching grappling attacks, and Yan started to feel frustrated as well. He was stuck in defense with no real escape plan.

As Yan went to his corner, his coaches shouted at him that they needed a stronger showing in the fourth round and he reacted appropriately upon the restart. Yan was throwing his punches with force behind them but also putting himself in a better position to avoid Sterling’s wrestling.

When Sterling did try to drag the fight back down to the ground, Yan countered and actually ended up on top but he wasn’t able to do a lot of damage while stuck inside the guard. Yan sometimes allowed Sterling to be more open, but he hit him with some vicious punches to help turn the tables.

Knowing the scores were undoubtedly razor close, Sterling continued to press forward as he kept a focus on his wrestling but Yan was able to continuously shrug him off as he launched big knees up the middle followed by looping punches. Although Yan was unable to hurt Sterling’s feet, his dexterity allowed him to keep control as the fight entered its final moments.

Sterling didn’t allow Yan to hurt him in any way. He also never put together significant combinations. Yan won the fight thanks to his strong start and winning the first three rounds. Yan had only one thought after the announcement.

” Yan stated that he believes he won the fight. Yan said, “I believe I won the first three rounds of this fight.” I want rematch.”

While Yan may be able to secure another fight, Sterling already turned his attention towards an ex-champion sitting at UFC 273 cageside on Saturday night.

“T.J. Sterling shouted, “Dillashaw! Sterling shouted, “You are next b ****. You’re about to be one and done, motherf*****.”