UFC 272 results: Bryce Mitchell puts on suffocating performance to win lopsided decision over Edson Barboza


Bryce Mitchell showed he is the man with the biggest victory at UFC 272..

Mitchell took on Edson Barboza, one of the most fearful strikers in the roster. Mitchell’s wrestling and grappling attacks kept Barboza grounded for much of the three rounds. Mitchell prevailed in the end with scores reading 30-25, 30-26 . He remains undefeated at the UFC.

“I am a soldier of God,” Mitchell stated. “I fear no man. This s ***.”

is what I live and breath.

Because Mitchell was looking to engage in grappling, Barboza tried to use kicks and circling to dodge Mitchell’s takedown. Mitchell quickly turned the tables in dramatic fashion after he pushed forward with a quick combination that slammed home on Barboza’s chin as the veteran featherweight got dropped to the canvas.

Once he was on the ground, Mitchell looked to maintain control on top as he peppered away at Barboza with punches and elbows to the head and body.

Barboza survived an early barrage and made it to round two, but he fell to the ground after Mitchell kicked him. Mitchell was content to just stay in Barboza’s guard, chipping away at ground and pound.

When Barboza finally attempted to scramble free, Mitchell took advantage by moving into half-guard while also opening a nasty cut over his opponent’s eye.

Barboza was left with five minutes to go. His coaches urged him to use his hands to defend the takedowns. But Mitchell kept him outwitting him. As time ticked away, Mitchell was just suffocating on top with Barboza unable to do anything from the bottom.

For a brief moment, it looked like Mitchell would get the finish. But Barboza survived to the last horn. However, that was all Barboza could do in three rounds.

Mitchell expressed gratitude to Arkansas for his win and pledged to donate generously to children in Arkansas in need.

” I am about to prove to you’all that I can not only hurt people but also help them,” Mitchell shouted. “Half of my fight purse, $45,000 is doing to Arkansas children who have no hope. We will be their hope!”