UFC 271 results: Renato Moicano blasts Alexander Hernandez with strikes, finishes with rear-naked choke


Renato Mocano seeks a bonus following his highlight reel win over Alexander Hernandez at UFC 271..

The Brazilian had a sharp style and was able to strike hard, putting Hernandez on his knees before the fight reached the ground. A split second later, Moicano had a rear-naked choke secured and the grimace on Hernandez’s face was undeniable as he tapped out to end the fight at 1:23 in the second round.

Following the win, Moicano was quite animated as he called for a Performance of the Night award after his latest win.

“Does anyone know what you’d like? A big check for performance [of the night],” Moicano shouted. “I have a son to raise. There are taxes I must pay, and there is a way to live. I like big checks. I like big money!.”

Using his extended reach, Moicano kept Hernandez at the end of all his punches and was eventually able to draw the fight to the floor. Despite his best effort to maintain control, Moicano lost the position after Hernandez scrambled free to get back to his feet.

Knowing he could evade the takedowns allowed Hernandez to get more comfortable when throwing his strikes while also using good head movement to stay out of Moicano’s range.

Just when Hernandez seemed to have an opportunity to launch some offensive, Moicano surged ahead and unleashed a blistering combination. It included a shoulder strike followed by a series of blistering punches.

Moicano was relentless as he continued throwing huge, heavy shots until Hernandez wilted under the pressure as he dropped down looking for a potential takedown in order to survive. Moicano had no intention of allowing that to happen as he jumped on the back, latched onto the rear naked choke and Hernandez was forced to submit to stop the fight.

With two wins in a row and a 3-1 record since moving to lightweight, Moicano has been a welcome addition to an already deep division but it appears adding an extra $50,000 to his bank account would make him happier than any potential ranking in the near future.