Tyson was hit. He became a bee and sang: you can watch it in a circle – video


Boxing legend, former undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson (50-6, 44 KOs) continues to enjoy his retirement. The day before, “Iron” Mike appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s evening comedy talk show, and not just like that, but in a suit … of a bee.

“I’m feeling bee-utiful, bee-utiful, bee-utiful,” he sang, shaking his belly and antennae.

To understand what the joke is, we would have to watch the program, but, in general, this short video was enough for us.

It can be thrown around.

The other day, Tyson broke up and almost destroyed the coach’s cabin, and before that he got high and did not condemn the murders of Ukrainians by Russia, citing a crooked analogy as an example.

By the way, at first, Usyk did not impress Mike Tyson, and then he said that “Usyk changed the game.” Weird.

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