Tyson Fury, who will be retiring after the Dillian Whyte fight with Francis Ngannou bout, is still interested in a’special fight” with Francis Ngannou.


Tyson Fury is almost done with his boxing career, and when that’s over, he’s coming for Francis Ngannou.

Fury is currently the WBC and lineal champion heavyweight in Britain. He will be defending his title against Dillian Whyte, a fellow heavyweight from England, at Wembley Stadium, London. According to “The Gypsy King”, that is all Fury wrote about his professional boxing career.

“This is the final countdown of ‘The Gypsy King.’ Hollywood awaits,” Fury told Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour. This is my retirement fight. 100,000 people at Wembley, all British world title fight. Return of the Mack after four years to the U.K. It’s it. You are leaving on a high. It’s time to retire on the top. Two-time world heavyweight champion and I’ll have made eight defenses of the lineal championship. Never to lose a fight. To go down as only the second heavyweight in history to retire unbeaten. Me and Rocky Marciano.”

Fury, one of boxing’s biggest stars, would walk away from many lucrative matches. However, Fury won’t be walking away from combat sports entirely. Though the former unified heavyweight champion says this will be the end of his boxing career, Fury says that doesn’t mean he won’t still fight in the future. Specifically, Fury noted that he is still interested in facing UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou in a special rules bout.

“I don’t count that as a real boxing fight,” Fury said. It’s not considered a boxing match. That’s gonna be a ‘special’ fight. It will take place in Las Vegas at the Raiders Stadium


” I will be fully ready for the cross-over fights, having retired from championship and competitive boxing. He will not be UFC’s heavyweight champion, and I won’t become the WBC champion heavyweight. However, they won’t accept me !”


Fury has been hyping up a possible match over the past few months. Fury proposed a boxing match with MMA gloves, taking place inside a cage. Ngannou has noted his own interest in the bout and Fury believes that having the fight take place under a modified ruleset will make the bout that much more exciting.

“We have Francis Ngannou. He’s big, dangerous and a huge guy,” Fury stated. “I’d love to see, people going on, ‘Oh, it’s not a fair fight in 10-ounce gloves,’ and that’s correct. Because, as [Daniel] Cormier recently stated, Francis Ngannou, who is much more crude than Deontay Wilder’s, wouldn’t make it fair to fight in 10-ounce hands. We all know the story. He would have more chances of knocking me out if we were using four-ounce gloves. But, then, I might have more of a chance to knock him out if we used four-ounce gloves. It makes it an interesting fight. And I will try to come in at my heaviest for that fight. To nail him on the canvas, I will try to bring in 300 more pounds.

The bout will undoubtedly sell very well but is still far from being a reality. Fury says that discussions have not been held about the fight yet, and they won’t for some time. Ngannou is currently recovering from a knee injury that will likely keep him out for the remainder of the year and also reportedly remains tied to the UFC until December, having fought out his contract but being subject to the UFC champion’s clause. After Fury’s victory, “The Gypsy King”, who is a former champion of the UFC, will be done, they can look to the future.

“I have Dillian Whyte to deal with,” Fury stated. “… “…