Tyson Fury: “Usyk is an ugly, slightly silly old man, looks like a rabbit”


After an early victory in the tenth round over the former British challenger Derek Chisora ​​(33-13, 23 KOs), the WBC heavyweight champion (over 101.6 kg) from Britain Tyson Fury (33-0-1, 24 KOs)
spent press conference.

Answering questions from representatives of the world media, Tyson spoke about his likely future opponent in the fight for the title of the absolute world champion of the heavyweight division, the owner of three IBF / WBO / WBA titles Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs).

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“Hopefully we’ll see the biggest year of my career. 2023. We’ll get the big fights that the fans are really craving. First of all, let’s talk about Usyk, because now I can already. Before that, I’ve been asked a million questions about Usyk when I needed to beat Chisora ​​As you saw today Chisora ​​is not an easy trash at all So I’m ready to go against Usyk next time whether it’s in Saudi Arabia or here in Britain Both places will be fantastic Let’s give it fans of one champion, one name, one face. Usyk is ready for the test. He arrived today, did the right thing. It is not easy to see such a boxer. He is an agile, evasive left-hander with very good skills, an Olympic gold medalist. And he will be ready. So I really am in looking forward to the test.”

“But if for some reason… As I say, I want big fights, and Bob, who is 125 years old, will confirm that sometimes big fights don’t happen for various reasons. But I have a good feeling that this one will happen. If it doesn’t happen for some reason, then I’ll fight Joe Joyce at Wembley next year. But if the Usyk fight happens, then I’ll still have a fight with Joe Joyce at Wembley. It’s settled!”

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“The tendril looks like a rabbit, doesn’t it? He has two eyes that look a little in opposite directions. He has a big gap in his teeth, like a rabbit. So without disrespect to him, he is ugly, a little silly, isn’t he “And he looks like a rabbit. So let’s call him a rabbit. And I’ll call myself a farmer. I’ll make a pie for him and eat him for breakfast. That’s what we’ll do with him.”

“Usyk is a good fighter and when he fights me we’ll see if he’s overrated. That’s what I can say.”

“Actually, Usyk is older than me. He’s 35, I’m 34. So if we were 22, it might be different, but he’s an old man. He’s got 300+ fights. He’s also worn out. He’s got about 250 thousand miles on the odometer. He has 315 or something amateur fights. He has about 20 professional fights. And I don’t believe he has the best footwork in boxing. I don’t believe he’s faster than me. Because if you look at the fights with joshua, he missed quite a lot. And Derek really choked him. With Derek, he was 50-50. Look, he got the decision, well done, but it was a close fight. And even with the American Witherspoon, he missed punches “He was marked. So he’s not a master of his craft. Even though he’s left-handed, I think my long distance, speed, and feints will do the job. And look at another boxing match, why not? I think “I’m faster than him. I consider myself the fastest heavyweight. For my size.”

Source: https://vringe.com/news/160760-tayson-fyuri-usik-urodlivyy-nemnogo-pridurkovatyy-starik-pokhozh-na-krolika.htm?rand=141343