Tyson Fury surprised with his physicality in a staredown battle with Francis Ngannou

For the first time since their bout was officially announced, Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou had their first battle of glances, with the reigning WBC heavyweight boxing champion showing off some not-so-great physicality.

Taking off his jacket and shirt, “The Gypsy King” showed off his solid fat reserves in the waist area, after which he offered to do the same to his opponent, however, the former UFC champion, also known for his impressive muscle mass, did not fall for the British man’s entreaties and preferred to stay in his clothes.

Recall that the ten-round boxing match between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou will take place on October 28 in the Saudi capital Riyadh and will have professional status, however, the WBC championship belt owned by the Briton will not be on the line this time.

Fury agreed to fight the Cameroonian after failing to agree a unification bout with Ukrainian Oleksandr Usik, while Ngannou left the UFC as a free agent earlier this year and signed with the PFL league, under whose banner he plans to debut next year.