Tyson Fury offered Francis Ngannou to take a knee to the ground

Reigning WBC heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury has shared his opinion on the upcoming fight between Francis Ngannou and Anthony Joshua, the winner of which will be the main challenger for the world boxing title.

“Joshua vs. Ngannou is a good fight,” the Brit said on another edition of The Stomping Ground podcast. “When I fought Ngannou, everyone thought it was a mis-match, that his chances were a thousand to one, but he’s proved everyone wrong about him and it’s fantastic for him.”

“I made him famous, made him a millionaire and now, thanks to me, he’s making a lot of money, so he should thank me. He should get on his knees and kiss my feet for what I’ve done for him.”

“I don’t know how his fight with Joshua will end and honestly I don’t care. What’s going to happen is what’s going to happen. Whoever is the best on that night will win. They’re giant heavyweights, right? So anybody can win. We’re in for a brilliant night of boxing on Friday and I’m looking forward to it”

The fight between Francis Ngannou and Anthony Joshua will take place on March 8 in Riyadh, while the outright world heavyweight boxing champion will be decided on May 18 in a fight between Tyson Fury and Alexander Usik.

Recall that last October, the former UFC champion made his professional boxing debut, losing by split decision to Fury after ten rounds, with the third round sending “Gypsy King” to a knockdown.