Tyson Fury names Francis Ngannou’s fee for the fight

Reigning WBC heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury has announced the amount Francis Ngannou will receive for a fight with him.

“Everyone was calling him an idiot for leaving the UFC and now all of a sudden he’s a genius, isn’t he?” the Brit said at a press conference in London. “The guy’s going to make ten million dollars. How about that? Francis is going to take that bag of money, he’s going to be rich!”

“The Gypsy King” also expressed confidence that he can beat the former UFC champion not only in the ring, but also in the cage.

“I think I can beat you in the cage. I’ll kick your ass in the cage, no problem. I’ll beat you in the ring and then in the cage. One hundred percent. There can’t be two opinions here.”

“Yes, if he gets hit, the lights go out. A lot of people have tried to knock me out or beat me, but I’ve remained successful for 15 straight years in 34 fights, and I’m a two-time world champion. So I’ve heard it all before.”

Recall that the ten-round fight under the rules of professional boxing between Fury and Ngannou will take place on October 28 in Riyadh and will have official status, however, this time the Briton will not put his championship belt on the line.