Tyson Fury: “I piss on Oleksandr Usyk!”


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interview British heavyweight champion (over 101.6 kg) Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs) has revealed why he thinks a potential fight between him and former British unified champion Anthony Joshua (24-3) fell apart for local media , 22 KOs).

Fury also commented on the likely fight for the title of absolute champion against the unified champion from Ukraine Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs). Recall that Fury’s next fight is expected on December 3, and Briton Derek Chisora ​​is called his likely opponent, with whom Tyson has already had two victorious fights in the past.

– The fight with Joshua fell apart, although every boxing fan in Britain hopes to see you in the ring. Tell me why, in your opinion, this fight fell through?

“In my opinion, I’ll be brutally honest. I believe that Joshua did not have enough eggs. He did not want the fight, did not insist on it and did not sign the contract.

– From the point of view of Eddie Hearn, the fight fell through due to commercial rights. Do you understand what was the matter?

— I don’t know what commercial rights are. This sounds to me like another f*ck. Excuses. Like I said, Joshua’s side didn’t have enough balls. Not enough… I’m trying to find a word… persistence. If you’re a man, then you’ll be pushy with your crew and make sure the shit is done, but no balls, no balls. For this sport, he needs balls like King Kong.

— Oleksandr Usyk. Are you sure that next year you will have a fight for the absolute champion against Usyk?

– I piss on Oleksandr Usyk! He’s a petty foreigner that no one cares about. I’ll have a fight in December and I’m not looking any further. And who knows, maybe I will end my career after him.

Meanwhile, Fury’s father turned to Usyk.