Tyron Woodley compliments Anderson Silva, but warns against anyone who underestimates Jake Paul: “He’s got the KO power.”


Tyron Woodley never looked past Jake Paul over the course of two fights and he offers that same advice to Anderson Silva as he prepares to clash with the YouTuber turned boxer on Oct. 29.

Paul sought to legitimize boxing by challenging Woodley, a former UFC champion who had serious knockout power. Paul defeated Woodley in their first meeting by a majority decision. Then, he connected on an overhand in the rematch which floored Woodley.

As much as some fighters still want to mock Paul and his boxing aspirations, Woodley cautions anyone who thinks that he’s not taking his career seriously and considering him as just a social influencer whose dabbling in combat sports for the fun of it

“I’m sure a lot people would like to see Jake Paul beat up, and have him learn a lesson from a bully in a playground,” Woodley stated on The Fighter. The writer . He is still a child, with little responsibility and no financial limits. His energy makes every task a goal, a challenge. He loves to gamble so that he can win big. He doesn’t mind losing, but secretly he wants to win big.

“He’s a long-time fan of combat sports. There are so many video clips of Jake Paul, the babyface wanting to pose with Logan [Paul] back in the day. He’s just trying to trick everyone .”

Paul often draws attention to himself through Twitter or Instagram while taking shots at other fighters or sometimes engaging in a flame war with promoters like UFC president Dana White, which might make it seem like he’s spending too much time on social media and not enough effort being put into the gym.

After spending over 40 minutes in the ring with him, Woodley knows that’s absolutely not the case, which is why Silva or anybody else would be wary to discount the skills Paul will bring into the ring.

” He’s working on his kicking skills,” Woodley stated. “He’s got KO power and he’s learned to throw that particular punch that he’s got timing on.”

Woodley has similar praises for Silva’s boxing skills, particularly after having watched him perform over many years as champions of the UFC.

At 47, Silva would seem to be nearing the end of his fighting career but he’s somehow been rejuvenated since putting his full focus on boxing. In June 2021, Silva defeated Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and then destroyed Tito Ortiz three months later with a knockout in the first round.

“Anderson Silva. His recent boxing performances after leaving UFC, tells us that he is being acknowledged,” Woodley stated. “You’re treated well, you feel good, you kind of sometimes fight differently. You see people get in happier situations.

“On his way out [of the UFC],, he might have been just going through the motions. But, this new freedom, which he also has, gives him the light underneath. [Now] You’ve got an Anderson Silva .”


Woodley always admired Silva’s boxing skills even while he was competing in mixed martial arts, although he still touts one of his longtime teammates as the best he’s ever seen when throwing hands.

“Anderson Silva is a great boxer,” Woodley stated. “I would say he’s one of the best boxers in MMA. Because he ripped up KJ Noons, KJ was expected to be the greatest boxer and striker of the time. I think I have a bias to believe Jorge Masvidal to be the best MMA boxer. Every time he got his chance against Nate Diaz or anybody that was just striking, Yves Edwards, I was in the corner for that.

“Anderson Silva is up there with a few other guys for just pure boxing.”

Woodley is expecting a good matchup, even though the compliments made towards Paul and Silva seem to have taken a dig at him.

” I hear people say ‘now [Jake Paul] fight a real fighter’,” Woodley stated. “I think it’s a good fight. “I’ll likely be there.