Two fights will be added to the UFC 300 event card

Two more fights will be added to the UFC 300 card, including the main event, the organization’s president, Dana White, announced at a press conference in Las Vegas.

“We have two fights left to announce, including the main event, and we’re working on that,” the UFC head honcho said after the Power Slap event.

At the same time, the head of the organization avoided answering the question of whether the headliner of the numbered event could be the current UFC heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, who is currently in Australia, and the day before held a training session with the national rugby team.

“Did he do it? It’s good to hear he’s doing well, but I can’t tell you the main fight yet,” White replied.

Recall that Jon Jones, who pulled out of his fight against Stipe Miocic last November due to a torn pectoral muscle, is currently recovering from two surgeries and plans to return to the octagon this year.

Earlier, Jones’ former opponent, Daniel Cormier, who is a full-time commentator for the UFC, said he knows the main event of UFC 300, but declined to name it so as not to get himself in trouble.

Rumor has it that the headliners for the anniversary event will be announced as early as this Sunday during the final National Football League matchup between San Francisco and Kansas City.