Tsarukyan refused to prepare Volkanovski for the fight against Makhachev

Tsarukyan refused to prepare Volkanovski for the fight against Makhachev

The ninth number of the UFC lightweight division, Arman Tsarukyan, refused the offer of Alexander Volkanovski, who wanted to see the Russian as one of his sparring partners in preparation for the super fight against Islam Makhachev.

“He tried to connect me to his training camp,” Tsarukyan said in an interview. Match TV. “I refused, because there was no point, I understood that while I was not actively training. And he didn’t even ask the conditions, although Sayat first approached me, then my friend Edwin, then another guy across America. I do not think that it makes sense for me to be in his camp, even if there are dividends in the form of money. If I had preparation, if I understood that I would be replacing in Australia, then most likely I would go. And I had a vacation planned this year, because I was not at home for eight or nine months. ”

Tsarukyan also assessed the chances of the Australian in the upcoming match.

“The man defended the title so many times, experienced, powerful in the rack. It cannot be written off, for some reason people greatly underestimate it. I would give 40 to 60. 40 to Volkanovski and 60 to Islam. If he does not stand near the net, if he takes the center, do not fly to Islam and clinch. I think that Volkanovski on his hands and feet will kill Islam “

Recall that the superfight between Makhachev and Volkanovski, in which the Russian will defend the UFC lightweight championship belt, will head the UFC 284 tournament in Perth on February 12.

Source: https://fighttime.ru/news/item/30396-tsarukyan-otkazalsya-gotovit-volkanovski-k-boyu-protiv-makhacheva.html?rand=19907