Troyanovsky called the possible reason for the postponement of the fight between Sterling and Yan

Russian professional boxer Eduard Troyanovsky spoke about the postponement of the fight for the UFC bantamweight title between Peter Yan and Aljamein Sterling. He believes that the reason for the transfer could be a tactical maneuver.

The new date for the fight is April 9, 2022.

“Not very good for Petr Yan. Maybe this is a little good for his opponent, because he is trying in every possible way to avoid this fight. As we all remember, their previous fight, when it took place, was also such a “not very” for him. Peter hit him in one gate, but in the end it turned out that he struck a forbidden blow, nevertheless he defeated Sterling in all moments. I think that everything is ahead of Peter. Now they will appoint some new date, and in principle he is in good shape, in good condition, he will show himself more than once. In no case will I believe that it was Peter who refused the fight, even if it is confirmed somewhere, because Peter really wants this fight and he needs it. But Sterling, perhaps, is avoiding this, maybe this is again some kind of trash talk on his part, to warm up the audience and so on, ”REN TV quotes Troyanovsky.

Earlier it was reported that the second fight between Jan and Sterling could be rescheduled from March 5 to April 9. The first duel between the fighters took place in March 2021. Then the Russian lost to the American due to a violation of the rules – a knee strike to an opponent in the “parterre” position. He later defeated Corey Sandhagen by decision for the interim UFC title.