Trainer Lopez reveals how Gan knocked out Ngannou with a knee to the body

Interim UFC heavyweight champion Cyril Gan head coach Fernand Lopez is ready to release a full video of his student sparring with Francis Ngannou. The specialist claims that Gun then knocked out the reigning undisputed UFC heavyweight champion with a knee to the liver.

“Cyril didn’t want me to post all the footage because in this particular workout, Francis Ngannou missed a knee to the liver and fell down,” Lopez told LowKick MMA. I had to stop training. These are the facts. Francis lay on his back. If he says it’s not true, I’ll release the full sparring video.”

In the main event of the UFC 270 tournament, which will take place on the night of January 23 in Anaheim (California, USA), Ngannou will fight with Gan. In the past, Ngannou trained with Gan at the MMA Factory in Paris.

35-year-old Ngannou has 16 wins and 3 losses, while 31-year-old Gan has 10 wins and 0 losses.