Tony Ferguson threatens to sue UFC management

Tony Ferguson threatens to sue UFC management

Former interim UFC lightweight champion Tony Ferguson, who recently tried to collect a non-existent debt of half a million dollars from Khabib Nurmagomedov’s team, decided to raise the stakes and threaten a class action lawsuit against UFC management.

The reason for the threat was Ferguson’s dissatisfaction with the quality of medical treatment that the strongest league in the world provides to its fighters.

“It will take a class action to legally force the so-called untouchables to try their own medicine. If this motherfucker treats his lady like that in public, how do you think he treats his fighters? Ask me,” an American wrote on a social network, noting the head of the organization, who beat his wife at a New Year’s party.

Tony Ferguson, 39, suffered his fifth consecutive loss last September to Nate Diaz by fourth-round guillotine choke, and his future career with the organization is now in doubt.