Tony Ferguson responds to Daniel Cormier’s retirement call with ‘Towelgate’ jab


Tony Ferguson isn’t hearing Daniel Cormier’s call to retire.

The former interim lightweight champion reacted to Cormier’s recent statement that he is “done” and all other UFC commentators who suggested retirement after his fifth straight loss in UFC 279 headliner versus Nate Diaz.

“When I feel like I’m ready to retire, I will retire,” Ferguson told “But right now, it’s a little bit different, a little more interesting. With that being said, ‘DC’ and all these commentators that just keep repeating the same s*** over the years – because that’s what they want me to do. They want the public eye to see me like that and they want to see me as a quitter and so on and so forth.”

Ferguson took aim at Cormier with a reference to “Towelgate,” the retired champ’s infamous UFC 210 weigh-in where he grabbed the towel and then denied it, only to recently admit he committed the foul to help him make weight.

“I never cheated to get on the scales to retain my championship like DC – you know, hashtag ‘Towelgate’ – these guys grabbing the towel, trying to lift some pounds off the scale,” Ferguson said. They went along with the UFC. It’s different. It’s interesting. It’s like an inside job.

“This man wants to make it known, so I will call him back. You don’t have to be an a****** to the people that actually work hard. You’ll see a lot more up-and coming fighters who will be willing to work hard and join the group. Don’t do that. I’m still the f****** champ. The s*** that I do for this company is unreal, and I love this company, too, that they can have me to back them up. I have that.”

While disappointed at with the outcome at UFC 279, Ferguson was optimistic about his future under a new team.

” “My team fell apart as soon [Justin] Gaethje struck,” he stated. “Everybody went their own way – we had to. And then trying to build a new team, I found a good crew. Here is my league of astronauts, working out the problems. We’re back on schedule, waiting for my left shin to heal. Not kicking too hard, but hard enough. Everything in the .”

repertoire: Elbows and everything else.

Ferguson stated that with some adjustments such as not shooting for the takedown which cost him his submission loss, Diaz could have been in the losing column following their final fight.

” Did you notice that Nate had to take breaks? Nothing against him and stuff, but I gave him his break,” Ferguson said. “It cool, it was a send-off fight. I’m not saying I took it easy on him, and what we prepared for, but it’s a little more interesting when you’re preparing for a guy you really don’t know. Nate is cool. I don’t have anything against him. I don’t consider him a friend, but he’s cool. He is a great fighter and that I admire.

“He’s out of the contract business. He isn’t trapped anymore. The saga is over and it gives hope to many others. The UFC doesn’t hold everyone hostage. Everyone has to make a choice. It’s growing and I am growing along with it. To be able help, not to go on too long, but to try and get the job done. That’s man s dude. I will continue doing that, regardless of the comments and the people [who doubt me].”