Tony Ferguson is making big plans in the UFC

Former interim UFC lightweight champion, Tony Ferguson, sees a fight with Paddy Pimblett as an opportunity to snag a bout with a more notable opponent.

According to the American, he believes a win over the British prospect would make him a prime candidate to fight Conor McGregor.

“Nothing against the guy,” the American said in an interview with ESPN. “He looks like a decent fighter – he’s got a good stand-up, but his ground game is much better. I like fighting foreigners. It’s cool, always loved it.”

“I’ve been chasing Khabib for a long time, and I’ve been chasing McNuggets for a long time, and I’m closer to my goal now than ever. Once we get this dude sorted out, we’re going after Conor if he signs up for it and resolves the issue with USADA.”

According to the UFC’s plan, Conor McGregoro is scheduled to fight Michael Chandler next year, however, the CEO of the world’s strongest league, Dana White, has promised to give the American another opponent if he gets tired of waiting.

The lightweight bout between Tony Ferguson and Paddy Pimblett will take place on December 16 at UFC 296 in Las Vegas.