Tommy Fury on Jake Paul – “I’m fighting an idiot… he has fought old men and MMA fighters as well as basketball players.”


Tommy Fury doesn’t care much if Jake Paul wants to continue fighting and making huge sums of money doing it but he expects his days of parading around as a serious professional boxer will come to a dramatic end on Sunday in Saudi Arabia.

After months of trash talk and two previously cancelled fights, the 23-year-old half-brother of heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury is anxiously awaiting his opportunity to finally throw hands with Paul even if he’s not looking at this as a legitimate challenge.

With a perfect 8-0 record in his own career, Fury sees his upcoming fight with Paul as a chance to finally pull back the curtain on a spectacle that’s somehow captured the attention of the combat sports world yet in reality it’s nothing more than a sideshow.

“This fight is a massive event but at the end of the day I’m fighting Jake Paul,” Fury told MMA Fighting. “I’m not fighting Sergey Kovalev or ‘Canelo’ Alvarez. “I’m not fighting Sergey Kovalev or ‘Canelo Alvarez. This man’s going to have a reality check. He’s fought old men, MMA fighters and basketball players, whatever you name it and when he first steps up against me in the opening few seconds, he’ll understand that this is too tall of an order for him to complete.

“He’ll look great against anyone, Floyd Mayweather stated it well, but the moment he starts to fight with people with even half an idea, that’s when he loses. To be truthful .”

, I will be surprised that this fight gets past the second or third round.

Paul is undefeated after six bouts. He has four knockouts and victories over former UFC champions Anderson Silva, Tyron Woodley.

While those wins had some value due to their MMA reputation, Fury laughs at the notion that Silva or Woodley were a true boxing test.

Fury quickly dismisses the idea that Paul has accomplished anything worthwhile in his career, as his level of competition has been very low at best.

“I’m a real man and if I seen something that I was impressed by, I would say it,” Fury said. “I don’t care who you are, beating a 50-year-old man or 47 or whatever [Anderson Silva] was, beating a 40-year-old man [in Tyron Woodley], who was 5-foot-7 and a welterweight, it’s not impressive to me. These guys are in a completely different sport to what I’m in. I’m in the sport of professional boxing. He’s not in my sport.

” He gets into the ring, and fights every opponent. He can fight NBA superstars and wrestlers. We all know that MMA fighters can be just as good at boxing as I am. I’ve had a career in boxing for a long time now. I’ve been sparring since I was 11 and 12 [years old] and I’ve sparred a lot of MMA fighters and they don’t make the best boxers and rightly so. They’re training in 10 other combats of fighting. When you get a person in front of you who’s just training boxing for all of his life, it’s a bit different. Jake Paul is going to understand how different on Feb. 26.”

While he’s happy to earn a hefty paycheck for his efforts, Fury says Paul is nowhere near his level when it comes to boxing, although the former Love Island reality show star is currently listed as an underdog by sportsbooks taking action on the fight.

Fury doesn’t necessarily take offense but he ultimately just chalks it up to the hype and the buzz surrounding Paul rather than anyone actually having faith in his abilities as a boxer.

” If he came to the gym my dad wouldn’t let me even spar with people like him,” Fury stated about Paul. He [allow it]. wouldn’t physically allow me to spar with him.” Fury said about Paul. If you’d like me to travel to Saudi Arabia for Jake Paul’s fight, I can.

“Social media the way it is these days, it’s built into what it is. Everybody with the talk, the back and forth with their opinions, it’s somehow formed a 50/50 fight. Well, I can assure everybody that on Feb. 26, this is a one horse race and Jake Paul will be knocked out. I could spend my entire life on this

While Fury has every intention of separating Paul from consciousness when they finally clash, he doesn’t actually wish him any ill will when it comes to whatever career he’ll have afterwards.

More than anything, Fury just wants to expose Paul as a charlatan but if “The Problem Child” wants to continue fighting, there are plenty of social influencers awaiting him.

“I don’t know [what he will do next] because he’s not in the same sport as me,” Fury said. He said, “Yes, he is in boxing, but when I knock him down and when he loses, then he tells me that he fought Tyson Fury’s brother or that he fought a professional boxer who has done this for his entire life. I wasn’t bad for a child out of YouTube.” He could fight Deji or KSI. These guys all have the same level.

“You can be the king of the YouTubers if he wants. He can have that title but will he ever box against another professional boxer again? No. He won’t. He will not look at another boxer again after a brutal beating. Can he fight YouTubers and still make huge fights, 100-percent. Do whatever you want. Jake Paul, professional boxer, will never look at a man in the eye .”