Tommy Fury is happy to rematch Jake Paul. ‘I’m pretty certain I can get the stoppage next.’


Tommy Fury was criticized for ducking Jake Paul over the last two-and-a-half years and didn’t want to fight, after his two attempts at booking the matchup failed.

On Sunday, Fury answered back rather emphatically by handing Paul the first loss of his boxing career after earning a split decision in an eight-round main event from Saudi Arabia. Throughout the fight, Fury just looked like the better technical boxer as he displayed a good jab, solid accuracy and better output to help him secure the victory.

Paul definitely had his moments — most notably a flash knockdown in the final round — but Fury says the fight went pretty much as expected.

” “At the end, he was very like what I saw on tape,” Fury stated at the press conference after the fight. “He didn’t really do a lot but it was just everything. Don’t forget, I’m only 23 years old, the weight of the world on my shoulders tonight. My Mrs. gave birth three weeks ago, it was a hell of a lot going on and I’m just happy I came out with my team, my dad and everybody else and we’re leaving with a win, we’re leaving with a belt.

“It is the most amazing feeling I have ever felt because this has been my entire life for the last two-and-a half years. Walking out in public, ‘you backed out of two fights, you’re scared of Jake Paul, you’re not a real fighter.’ Tonight, I showed everybody that I ain’t scared of no one and I can cut it at the big dance.”

While Fury promised a devastating finish, he still connected with the better punches throughout the fight, although he acknowledges some mistakes were made.

In particular, Fury believes if he would have actually pushed the pace on Paul a little bit more that he could have gotten the finish rather than getting the nod on the judges’ scorecards.

” What can they now say? Jake Paul and I fought in that ring. Fury stated, “I came out the victor.” “I landed clear, great shots, quality shots. He threw a lot of shots but he also missed a lot of shots.

“Listen, take nothing away from Jake Paul, he’s a good game, lad. He’ll probably be stopped if we do it again. I feel like in the fight, if I had pressed him a little bit more, I could have got him out of there but at the end of the day, what more can you ask for.”

Paul had an additional clause in the contract that allowed him to request an immediate rematch. This sounds exactly like what he is looking for.

Fury is absolutely on board with that plan because he not only wants to fight Paul again but he also hopes to improve upon his performance so he can provide a more definitive ending.

“100 Fury stated. Fury said, “At end of day, this was the first major event. The world was watching this fight. That experience is behind me. This will help me to deal with any other big dances like this one.

” Having been with Jake in the ring once, I am pretty certain I can stop the next round .”

With a perfect 9-0 record following this latest win, Fury is anxious to move forward with his boxing career but he can’t ignore the attention that was paid to his fight with Paul.

This will build anticipation for the fight with Fury eager to shake off his pre-fight nerves and give Paul more than he can take the second time.

” I always promised that I would win this fight. Fury stated, “Now I am seated here the victor.” “I was confident that I had more skills than Jake Paul. I didn’t have a lot of experience being the main event. I went out there, everybody was chanting, the whole world was watching this fight. Everyone saw that I could perform at the big dance. It’s what matters most.

“I don’t see any other boxer that’s been on a stage like this with eight fights. I’m not the most active guy as well, everybody can see that, so I’ll just get more fights and get a lot better. If you watch the rematch I am certain I will be able get him out. Cause I feel like in this fight, if I pressed him a little bit more, it would have gone [to a knockout]. You live, you learn. Thank you Lord .”