Tom Aspinall replied to John Jones

Tom Aspinall replied to John Jones

British heavyweight Tom Aspinall, who took down Poland’s Marcin Tybura with ease at UFC Fight Night 224 in London, is delighted that his performance caught the attention of reigning division champion Jon Jones, who tweeted about it.

“He knows that I exist!”, – said the Briton at a press conference after the event. “He knows about my existence, and this is already a big progress, a big victory in itself. I am delighted with this. The whole week before that I was talking about my goal being to motivate Jon Jones to stay and fight me. This is my absolute dream.”

After the fight, Aspinall said he wanted to fight the winner of the fight between Cyril Gan and Sergey Spivak, and then promised to beat the champion, and the British heavyweight believes that he could become a serious problem for the American.

“I think we are a good match for each other as rivals. I’m young and fresh and I don’t have that much mileage. I’m a big guy and I can do a lot. I am fast, strong, heavy, which sets me apart from most of the opponents that Jon Jones has faced in the past. I just think that I can offer him something new, and I guess he knows about it.

Recall that Cyril Gan and Sergey Spivak will head the UFC Fight Night 226 tournament in Paris on September 2, and the title fight between Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic will be the main event of the UFC 295 tournament, which will be held on November 11 in New York.