Tom Aspinall has explained his words to Jon Jones

Tom Aspinall has explained his words directed at Jon Jones

UFC interim heavyweight champion Tom Aspinall has explained why he apologized to Jon Jones, who reacted harshly to the Brit’s demands to strip him of his current title.

According to Aspinall, his words were initially misinterpreted and he doesn’t actually believe the organization should strip the American of his championship belt.

“I actually misspoke,” Aspinall told SunSport. “I don’t think he should be stripped of the title as I think Jon Jones has done so much for the sport and deserves to keep the championship belt.”

“I just think he should potentially keep the title vacant. But at the same time, who am I to tell Jon Jones what to do?”

Jon Jones was scheduled to defend his title against compatriot Stipe Miocic on November 11 at UFC 295 in New York City, but pulled out two weeks before the event after tearing a pectoral muscle, while Tom Aspinall won the interim championship belt in a numbered event by knocking out Russian Sergey Pavlovic in 69 seconds.

At a recent press conference in Austin, the head of the World’s Strongest League, Dana White, confirmed that the organization will stick to the same script and hold a title fight between Jones and Miocic once the champion has recovered from his injury.