“This is my second chance.” Interview with Vasily Lomachenko


Former champion in three categories and ex-owner of three titles in lightweight (up to 61.2 kg) Ukrainian Vasily Lomachenko (17-2, 11 KOs) gave interview for a boxing blog from the USA.

A few weeks ago, Vasily arrived in the United States, where he began preparations for a fight tentatively scheduled for May 20 against the absolute champion of the lightweight division of the American Devin Haney (29-0, 15 KOs). In a conversation, Lomachenko spoke about the upcoming fight, spoke about his legacy and spoke about other fighters in the lightweight division.

– One of the best P4P fighters in history – Vasily Lomachenko. How are you feeling today?

– OK, thank you.

The whole world wants to see you fight Devin Haney. Is there any news? When will the fight be?

— I’m getting ready for May. Where it will happen, I don’t know yet. But I’m preparing for this fight. This is my second chance. I am preparing very hard and very seriously.

– There is one thing you always talk about – heritage. You will earn money in battles with anyone, even with me, but the legacy is important to you. Tell me why this all belt fight is important to you?

Because you always need to set a goal for yourself and achieve it. If you do not do this, life is not interesting, life is not serious. That’s why you should always set a big goal and be very focused on your dream. That’s why it’s important to me. When I was an Olympic champion… Since childhood, I wanted to become an Olympic champion. This was my first main goal.

“Two different sizes.” Lomachenko about Usyk-Fury fight

– You did it twice. It’s hard to do it even once.

– Yes. But when you move into professional boxing, you want to become a world champion. And of course, when you are a professional, you want to become an absolute champion. I think I’m very professional and that’s why I want to be the undisputed champion, that’s why it’s very important to me.

What do you think of Haney? We know that he has a jab, we know that he is not the strongest, but he is talented, a good fighter, he has won all the titles.

– He is a top fighter. Right now he is one of the best P4P players in the world in our weight class and it will be a great fight.

“At first he said he wanted to fight in Vegas, not New York. The fans want to see the fight. You want to fight.

“Look, I never think about those details. You always know about your future fight from your promoter. My promoter said: “You will get a second chance. We can organize this fight. Be ready.” Now I know it. I don’t need anything else. I don’t need to talk, don’t need to sell myself. I know that my dream is in the future, my dream is on the way. I just need to train, prepare, prepare, prepare.

I asked Gervonta Davis this week who will win: you or Haney? His entire team said it would be you. And Tank told me that Devin calls everyone but never fights them.

“In boxing, we never know what will happen in a fight. But it will be a very interesting fight. I think it will be very difficult for both.

“This is a great fight. I can not wait. I think this is one of the best fights this year. In my personal opinion, you will win. I’m just stating. Well, what about this? Today they said that Tank and Ryan signed a contract. A few years ago you sparred with Ryan and of course you know Gervonta what do you think about the fight?

“Look, this is the next biggest fight of our era because it’s two young, two strong fighters and it’s going to be very interesting for the fans. I don’t know who will win. For me it’s 60 – Davis, 40 – Ryan Garcia. But as the battle progresses, this may change.

– Do you want a winner?

— Davis is closer to me. Because I like him, I don’t know how to explain in English… his style in life. He is shy. He is real. I like his style.

“Lomachenko looked terrible.” Stevenson shared his prediction for the fight between Vasily and Haney

Bob Arum said that the winner of your fight will fight Shakur Stevenson. You sparred with Shakur.

– Yes.

What do you remember from those sparring matches?

“He is a very talented, very smart, dodgy boxer. We had very good sparring sessions.

— Benavidez or Plant, who do you like? This is another big fight for the near future.

— I think it will be Benavidez.

– Why?

“Because he’s more aggressive, more powerful, and he’s smart.

– You are a champion in three categories for 12 fights. Nobody did it. It’s a story that I don’t think we’ll see again.

– These are numbers. These are my numbers. That’s why I fight for legacy. I want to write my name in history. Not my name, but my father’s name, because he created me. He made me a professional fighter, a talented fighter. He gave it all to me. I don’t think I ever said this in an interview, but I want to say a big thank you and a lot of respect to my father.

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