“They call them ‘Indians’ in boxing.” Gvozdyk on Lomachenko, Haney, Fury and Wilder


Former world champion title holder in the light heavyweight division (up to 79.4 kg), Ukrainian Oleksandr Gvozdyk, had a conversation with the host of the Tyke Maison YouTube channel.

interview Oleksandr commented on the victory of the Ukrainian ex-champion in three categories Vasily Lomachenko (17-2, 11 KOs) in the fight against American prospect Jemaine Ortiz (16-1-1, 8 KOs). In addition, Gvozdyk spoke about ex-heavyweight champion (over 90.7 kg) from the United States Deontay Wilder (43-2-1, 42 KOs) and WBC British champion Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs).

– How do you like Lomachenko’s last fight against Ortiz? Do you think Vasya is no longer the same, or is it just after returning, after a year of inactivity? Is it normal that he did not defeat a non-top opponent very convincingly?

Well, it seems to me that there is such a combination. Why did it happen so? First, it’s simple. Secondly, yes, we must admit that Vasily is probably not at his peak anymore. But he is still close to him. Because he is a high-class boxer, very experienced. He knows what to do, even when there is not so much fuel in the tank. This is first. Secondly, there is no need to write off his opponent here. I can’t say that this is a top opponent, but there is one moment that this opponent worked with Vasily in sparring. Many opponents lose to Lomachenko, it seems to me, even before the fight or in the first rounds, when Vasya starts to twist them, to make these corners. They just don’t know what to do with it. It’s one thing when you watch it on video and you think, “Okay, I have to take a step back, then counterattack.” It’s a completely different thing when you feel it in the ring against him. And this guy felt it, as I understand it, for several months, because he was ready for this. He was ready both technically and mentally. So I think that was also a factor in why this fight was close.

What do you think about the prospects for the Lomachenko-Haney fight? Will Lomachenko be the favorite of this fight or is the situation now not in his favor?

– I would say – it’s 50 to 50. I know that now, after Vasya’s last fight, everyone says that he is an underdog, because Haney is young, in his prime. But I would not write off Vasily, because, it seems to me, he will be even better prepared for this fight, he will be even more motivated, because his dream will be at stake. And I think it’s a very interesting fight. Yes, Haney is bigger, but I saw his face in his last fight with Kambosos at the weigh-ins. It didn’t look good. It seems to me that he already has some weight problems, so this may also affect the outcome of this fight. So for me it’s fifty-fifty. Vasily is aging, maybe not at his peak, but so far in a very wonderful shape. And Haney makes weight hard, so fifty-fifty from me.

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– Wilder – Fury, who do you think Usyk would be more comfortable against, who would it be easier for Usyk to box against?

– You know, this is such a difficult question, because on the one hand, Wilder is not a very classic boxer. And it seems that some people call them in boxing – “Indian”. And somehow. Because there is no such technology. But he has a powerful blow – and by the way, he throws these blows unexpectedly. It can be very dangerous. On the other hand, Fury probably doesn’t have that kind of artillery and can also cause a lot of problems due to his size and his style. Therefore, it seems to me that these two fights are very dangerous for Alexander.

– Do you like Tyson Fury in general, is his boxing cute or not?

– In general, yes, because listen, if you look at him, then he has some kind of awkward body. But I like to watch when he just sorts out opponents. Because yes, I like his boxing. I think this is a box of the highest quality.

Usyk admitted that Tyson had already broken out of negotiations, even twice. Now there will be a fight against Chisora. Usyk says Tyson Fury is just afraid of him. Do you think Fury is afraid of this or not?

– No, I do not think so. I don’t think he is afraid. I don’t think that anyone here is afraid of anyone, but perhaps he has some problems and therefore he is not ready to fight Sasha right away. Therefore, somewhere he goes this way – to box against the incomprehensible Chisora.

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