“There I forgot my goal and dream.” Lomachenko on the war in Ukraine and his return to the ring


The former holder of three titles in the lightweight division (up to 61.2 kg) Ukrainian Vasily Lomachenko (16-2, 10 KOs) is going through a training camp for the fight against American Jemaine Ortiz (16-0-1, 8 KOs), scheduled for October 29 in Madison Square Garden (New York, USA).

The film crew of the promotional company Top Rank Promotions visited the camp of the Ukrainian and filmed material for the promotion of the future fight. In the video, Vasily
told about his goals in boxing, spoke about the beginning of the war of Russia against Ukraine and his participation in it, and also spoke about his opponent.

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“My first goal was to become the fastest world champion in boxing. The second goal was – the absolute world champion. And now I have the same emotions inside me, the same focus.”

“I never believed that during my life I would see a war. It’s terrible. Very terrible. When the war started, I was in Greece. I couldn’t go home because all flights were canceled. It turned out to be a very long journey. I flew to Romania, from Romania I came by car to the river. There I got into some kind of ship and returned home.”

“It was the second day of the war. In the morning I went to the military, took a machine gun, took a military uniform and prepared for war. For myself, I understood that I cannot leave my home, I cannot leave my country. I just forgot about my goal and your mind is focused on the family, the people around you, and the safety, the safety of life, no one understands this moment if they haven’t experienced it. to the basement and stay there. And no one knows how long you will stay there. This moment changed the life of everyone in the country.”

“If you’re an adult, you understand this situation and you can adapt, you can adapt to war. But children…”

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“In the first 2-3 months, a large number of cities and towns in our country were captured, and there was no understanding of what would happen next. But the moment came when the situation seemed to begin to clear up, and our military managed to recapture territories, and we went on the offensive. Then it became more or less clear that everything should go well.”

“I pray every day for Ukraine, for the people and for the end of the war. Now the situation is much better than it was before. I came to the USA, I started preparing for my dream again. This is very important. This is a big motivation for me. Now I There’s one more step to go and I’m preparing for it.”

“I think he (Ortiz) is a very, very good guy. I had a very good relationship with him because he was in my camp and helped me prepare for my opponent Richard Commey.”

“I’m preparing very, very hard. I’m preparing as always and I’m focusing on my opponent very seriously. Now it’s been about 10 years since I started my professional career. I have this goal in my head and in my heart and I’m preparing for this moment. And I need this chance again.”