The world champion has broken pots with Hearn and threatens. Promoter’s response


Matchroom Boxing head Eddie Hearn accused WBO heavyweight champion Lawrence Okoli (18-0, 14 KOs) of ruining their business relationship. The promoter expressed his indignation about this in a comment. to your YouTube channel.

Recently, Okoli wrote an anonymous post on Twitter, in which he addressed “the dirty, lying, narcissistic people who run this sport.”

“I want every organization, agency and person who has ever wronged me to know that we are at war in and out of the ring. This means that … I will smash your stable, spend every penny that I have on the courts, draw so much media attention to the offenses of these fools, ”the boxer continued to threaten already on Instagram.

Judging by Hearn’s reaction, he and Lawrence have a difficult, let’s say, relationship. And in general, insiders are aware that the boxer and Matchroom have recently broken pots.

In response to these threats, Eddie noted that “everything was fine until he started hanging around with people who don’t beat the hollow.”

Jake Paul sparring with Okoli – he is impressed: photo

“It’s disappointing… We did such a great job for Lawrence. He has never attracted huge attention from ticket sellers, but he is a very good fighter. <...> The last thing we want to do is go to court with a boxer. But I will never let someone throw shit on for all the loyalty and work that we have done, ”said the functionary.

Many fans do not support Okolo’s mysterious conspiracy theories and write to him in the spirit of “stop whining, go boxing” or “I don’t know what happened there, but it was Hearn who led you to the title.” In response to such remarks, Lawrence continues to be dark and claims that one day he will lay out “the whole truth.”

Hearn has been the promoter of the 29-year-old world champion since his professional debut in 2019.

The last time the Briton fought was already in February, defeating Michal Ceslak. Check out also how Russophile Briedis dressed as Super Mario treated Okoli with fast food.