The woman who accused Davis called 911 and yelled, “He’s going to kill me!”


Police officers in Parkland, Florida, USA, claim that the conqueror of three divisions puncher Gervonta Davis (27-0, 25 KOs) hit a woman on the afternoon of December 27. The blow was a “squeezed brush”, as a result of which the victim was left with an abrasion on the inside of her upper lip. Writes about it
TMZ Sports.

According to the documents, the 28-year-old fighter “actually and intentionally touched and hit” the woman on the right side of the head “against her will”, resulting in “deliberately inflicting bodily harm on her.”

Judging by the phone recording, the woman repeatedly pleaded with the police for help after she dialed 911. At one point, she screamed into the phone: “He’s going to kill me!”

“I need help please! I’m trying to get back home. I have a child in my car, and he attacked me in front of the child. And now he’s ruining my tires!.. Please help! He’s going to kill me!” the woman appeared to be in a hysterical state.

According to the dialogue in the audio intercept, Davis allegedly spat on the intended victim.


Boxer was arrested an hour after the alleged incident and charged with domestic violence. Crime records show that he is still in police custody.

January 7, recall, Davis must fight with Hector Luis Garcia in the US capital of Washington. It is expected that after that he will enter the superfight with another star American Ryan Garcia.

What is now unclear. It is clear that there will most likely be a release on bail, despite Gervonta’s past history with illegal behavior (there were already almost beatings of his girlfriend at the NBA All-Star Game), as well as fleeing the scene of a car accident.