The Ukrainian ahead of schedule lost to the Cuban in the title fight


Arena Gliwice, Gliwice, Poland. In the main event of the evening, the vacant IBO super middleweight title (up to 76.2 kg) was contested for the vacant IBO world champion title (up to 76.2 kg): Cuban prospect Osleys Iglesias (8-0, 7 KOs) knocked out Ukrainian Andrei Velikovsky (21-3- 2, 14KO).

The starting round was spent on reconnaissance: positional struggle, a lot of feints, attempts to pull the opponent towards you. The ending of the three-minute period was better for the favorite. Iglesias is much more active, but it cannot be said that he is very effective – most of the blows are taken by the Velikovsky block.

It is obvious that the underdog simply does not keep up with the favorite. The Cuban combines, his advantage is increasing, the number of accurate shots is increasing. In the 4th round, the fighters clashed heads. Iglesias was no longer lucky – he has a cut. But he won the three minutes again.

Apparently, Velikovsky was prompted in the corner that it was necessary to act more decisively. The Ukrainian tried to turn the tide of the fight, slightly leveled the fight. Gorgeous work with the body from the underdog. Iglesias kneads in the air, Velikovsky counters. Is there intrigue?

Looks like no. The Cuban picked up the pace, already at the start of the 7th round he scored a couple of accented hits. The Ukrainian looks tired, breathes heavily, he has a huge hematoma over his right eye. Iglesias pours blows, sometimes punches in the back of the head. The referee intervened and issued a warning.

The fight turned into a one-sided beating. The referee is not against removing the Ukrainian from the fight, he even consulted with the doctor. He believes that Velikovsky can continue. The underdog went to the 10th round, but after another series of missed blows, the referee could not stand it. Everything is on point.

Iglesias TKO 10. He’s really good!